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As the name suggests, 'About her' is a platform for real and motivational stories for women and about women. It is a point of convergence for women everywhere to share their extraordinary life experiences, be it inspirational stories, travel diaries, inner-strength exploration, love for books or even culinary experiments. The idea is that women stuck in similar life situations can tackle their problem by seeking inspiration or guidance from this very platform. In short, it is our own women-help-women world.

This majestic country is full of opulent places, majestic structures, and ancient forts. The rich history of all the ancient structures and famous historical places in India depicts a story of romance, strength, bravery, and battles. Here are some of the best places to visit in this country. 1 . Taj Mahal, Agra This is one such monument that tops the chart in the category of famous historical places in India. This monument is the ultimate epitome of love whose grandeur will remain unmatched in history. Even today it is one of the most liked weekend getaways for the people…

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