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Naveen Kumar Singh is an Agile Coach and a Professional Scrum Trainer (PST), facilitates Scrum Master Training in India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Colombo, and Dubai. Naveen is active in the agile community and participates in major events as a speaker and volunteer. He provides following training Scrum Master Training, Scrum Developer, Product Owner, Agile, Kanban, and LeSS Practitioners as well as provides agile technical workshops on Test Driven Development (TDD), Behavior Driven Development (BDD), Agile Testing & Test Automation Framework, and DevOps. He has also presented papers in Global Scrum Gatherings as well as in many other Scrum Alliance conferences and meet-ups.

Agile software development has become the industry standard for creating software products and services. Agile is prevalent in practically every industry, from start-ups to huge organizations, IT firms to government agencies.  Its use has expanded from a limited number of agile teams inside an organization to numerous bigger agile teams, bringing with it a new set of issues and complications. Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), Scrum of Scrums (SoS), Large Scale Scrum (LeSS), and Disciplined Agile Delivery are examples of frameworks that provide rules for businesses in response to the requirement to scale agile (DAD). Regardless of the framework, certain critical…

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